Freelance heritage consultant

Chantal Danieli is an award winning heritage consultant available for hire in Sydney. Leverage nearly 20 years of experience for heritage evaluation, adaptive re-use and conservation.

Through our numerous years of experience I strongly believe in striking the right balance between the private’s right to develop land and protecting the public interest concerns for heritage.

Any decisions about heritage items/places should be practical and viable whilst retaining heritage values and identified significance.

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Achieving positive heritage outcomes is fundamental to all projects we work on.

Chantal Danieli

Client reviews about our consultancy work

“I contacted Sydney Heritage Consultants, with very short notice, to prepare a peer review.
The peer review was excellent, very detailed and extremely professional. I could not have asked for a better job. Chantal was friendly, knowledgeable and professional. I highly recommend their services.”
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David Little

“I commissioned Chantal’s services for preparation of The Heritage Impact Report required for my DA.

I was very impressed with the extremely comprehensive report I received from Chantal. A lot of research had gone into the preparation of the report and to anticipate and address any concerns the council may have regarding the conservation of the heritage elements in the proposed renovation.

The DA application was approved without any issues by my council which is usually very fussy with any DAs on heritage listed properties.

I got several quotes before choosing Sydney Heritage Consultants. I was surprised at the wide variance in quotes in the industry.

Very glad I chose Chantal, as not only did I save a lot, but also got a very comprehensive report.”

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Kannan Subrahmanyan

“I have recently had the pleasure of working with Sydney Heritage Consultants on a number of projects that required heritage impact statements.

Being a town planner I often require a number of consultants involved in my projects and have worked with a number of heritage consultants in the past.

Chantal has impressed me from our first project together and I hope to work with her on many more projects in the future. Chantal has always been professional, helpful and efficient in the way that she conducts her work.

It has been a pleasure working with her and I would highly recommend her to anyone who requires assistance with a heritage matter”

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Maxine Booth

“My company is Domus Homes and we engage various consultants for our clients for the delivery of their design & build projects, which we manage from Concept to Completion.

I have worked with Chantal Danielli of Sydney Heritage Consultants over many years and on many projects in Heritage Conservation Zones where Heritage Impact Statements are required for the approval process through Councils.

Chantal is professional, knowledgable and efficient and a pleasure to work with. Chantal is always my go-to heritage consultant for all of our projects requiring heritage input. I do not hesitate in recommending Chantal for your heritage consultancy requirements.”

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David Edelstein

Experienced heritage consultant

Chantal Danieli is a leading heritage consultant, based in Sydney, who specialises in preparing Heritage Impact Statements, Heritage Peer Reviews, Conservation Management Plans, Heritage Inventory Sheets or Heritage Studies for built items, parklands, open spaces and development land.

Sydney Heritage Consultants can prepare;

  • Conservation Management Plans
  • Heritage Impact Statements
  • Heritage Peer Review Assessments
  • Heritage Assessments
  • Heritage Curtilage Studies
  • Interpretation Plans
  • Expression of Interest and fee submissions including sub-consultants’ input for government and corporate work

Our heritage
consultancy approach

As a sole practitioner Chantal will be dedicated to your project and is your one stop shop when it comes to liaising with Clients, Authorities and Sub-consultants in order to prepare a thorough report to assist you in the DA approval process.

Chantal prepares Heritage Impacts Statements as part of a Development Application (DA) to Council for identified Heritage Items or for Development Items in the vicinity of Heritage Items or Development Items within Conservation Areas.

Chantal has over 18 years experience as a heritage consultant, engaging when required with qualified historians, heritage landscape professionals, horticulturalists, arborists, archaeologists, Aboriginal heritage consultants and other specialist consultants to help manage all aspects of heritage project assessment, documentation and reporting.

Our heritage
consultancy services

Sydney Heritage Consultants have extensive experience in dealing with heritage matters in NSW. Our understanding of Councils and the Heritage office’s heritage requirements will help to solve your heritage issues and get your development approved.

Sydney Heritage Consultants provides specialised heritage services to public and private sector property owners or managers, homeowners, developers, project managers, architects and planners. Our aim is to practically resolve heritage issues for all projects. We strive to maintain an excellent professional working relationships with our clients, colleagues and heritage agencies throughout Australia.